National Statistics: Vocational and other qualifications quarterly: April to June 2016

Main findings

  1. Just over 1.6 million certificates were awarded, a decrease of 13% on the same quarter of 2015 and the lowest number of certificates awarded during quarter 2 in the five-year period.

  2. The number of available qualifications this quarter increased by 46% from 21,676 in the previous quarter to 31,599, primarily due to changes in the way Welsh qualifications are recorded.

  3. The qualification with the most certificates this quarter was BCS Level 2 ECDL Certificate in IT Application Skills with 50,650 certificates awarded.

  4. The number of certificates issued for Level 1 qualifications decreased by 16% (from 465,400 to 390,050) and Level 2 qualifications decreased by 12% (from 787,500 to 691,300) on the same quarter in 2015; the number of certificates issued for Level 3 qualifications decreased by 8% (from 309,450 to 285,750).

  5. The number of certificates awarded for qualifications at Level 4 and above has increased by 13% on the same quarter in 2015 (from 28,950 to 32,650); the increase was mainly in qualifications in the sector of business, administration and law.

  6. The highest number of certificates awarded by sector subject area of qualification in this quarter was for Preparation for Life and Work (489,450 certificates).

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