Preventing misuse of the 'Apprenticeship' term

The Government has made a commitment for there to be 3 million new apprenticeships commenced in this Parliament. The promotion of apprenticeships may increase the potential gains for a training provider claiming to offer an apprenticeship or apprenticeship related training that is not of the same quality as a Government apprenticeship. The Government is concerned that low-quality courses that do not meet the requirements of a statutory apprenticeship could be described as apprenticeships. This could dilute the apprenticeship brand and have a negative impact on growth of statutory apprenticeship schemes.

Measure: This measure will:

  • create an offence for a person, in the course of business, to provide or offer a course or training as an apprenticeship if it is not a statutory apprenticeship;

  • ensure employers cannot commit the offence in relation to their employees. The maximum penalty for committing this offence is a fine.

Aims and Impact: The measure will:

  • strengthen and protect the reputation of the apprenticeship brand for training providers, employers and apprentices;

  • protect the reputation of training providers, employers who offer statutory apprenticeships and apprentices who join those apprenticeships, by maintaining their standards and ensuring that statutory apprenticeships are not confused with lower quality training;

  • ensure a “level playing field” and fairness in the market to the benefit of training providers, employers and individuals;

  • prevent unauthorised use of the apprenticeships name to give employers more confidence that they are investing in high quality apprenticeships;

  • still enable employers to offer their own, fully funded apprenticeships.

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